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Can you name the people born in Brooklyn, NY??

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Curb Your Enthusiasm creator
Sportscaster known for his emphatic 'YES!'
Actor/director and jazz clarinetist
'The Wire' stick-up man Omar Little actor
Six time NBA champion
What About Bob? star
Main defense lawyer for Claus von B├╝low
Chess grandmaster who later defected to Iceland
Dwayne Wayne
Rock singer whose video was the second ever played on MTV
Star of eponymous 70s sitcom
'Love on the Rocks' singer/songwriter
Diminutive actress wife of Danny Devito
Rapper/CEO/NBA owner
'So Far Away' singer/songwriter
Actress whose film debut was 'Do the Right Thing'
Star of eponymous 90s sitcom
Leader of slapstick comedy trio
Played Tony Soprano's psychiatrist
Crime novel writer, known for Mike Hammer stories
Said, 'Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing.'
Gangster played by Ray Liotta in film
Teen pop singer of 'Shake Your Love'
Requiem for a Dream director
Author of A People's History of the United States
MLB manager of the Mets, Braves, Cardinals, Yankees and Dodgers
1993 Best Support Actress Oscar winner
'The world's greatest drummer', known for jazz and big band
'Do you believe in miracles?' sportscaster
1940s sex symbol, star of 'Gilda'
Brokeback Mountain actress
West coast Democratic senator
Actor, oft-killed in Coen Brothers movies
Boxing champ, enter 007 373 5963 to face him

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