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Name of the letters in scrabble; Also form to make a roof
Collecting things together; what leaves in autumn form
when someone is in the lead they are in __ position; North and South
Last name of Gordie singer from Girls aloud; Ex- husband with the same name plays for Chelsea FC
Opposite of hot
The key to Origami; What you do with a bad hand in Poker
Something you consume in order to stay alive
Opposite of bad/ evil
Atomic symbol Au; common jewellery material measured in Carats
Grabbing onto something
Past tense of [Rung 10]
Where Satan Lives; opposite of heaven
Something you ring
Something you wear around your waist; keeps your trousers up
When chocolate is left out in the sun it does this
One of the main categories of [Rung 7]; eg beef, pork, steak
When you strike something; in music, known as the B in Bpm
Hibernating mammal; come in many varieties eg sloth, kodiak, polar
Drops of sweat are otherwise referred to by this; can be used to make your own jewellery

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