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A volcano might do this from time to time.
A question, often addressed to an official or organization.
Pull a plant out of the ground; Moving from your home, say across the country.
A thing belonging to someone; one of many Monopoly spaces.
Indian home.
A person who stops smoking.
Mechanical device that causes letters to be printed on paper.
To install electrical circuits, again.
Shed tears.
Need for a practical purpose; cause to be necessary.
French name, first name of Canadian prime minister Trudeau.
Artifical hair.
A news employee.
To get the better of by superior cleverness; one of the three things a Survivor contestant should do.
The original form or standard for later editions.
A form of wit.
Metal alloy; a shade of bluish or silver grey.
A mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent.
To say something in response to a remark or accusation.
A keyboard misteak?
South American country.
1948 Hitchcock movie.
Former reality show on Bravo.*
ABC reality show.
To walk carefully.
Abstinence from vices.
American heavy metal band.*
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