Revealed Generation V Pokémon

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Can you name the revealed 5th Generation Pokemon?

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Dream Eater Pokémon
Electrification Pokémon
Trance Pokémon
Valor Pokémon
Amplification Pokémon
Baby Mole Pokémon
Sea Otter Pokémon
Tusk Pokémon
? (Looks like an Egyptian sarcophagus)
Dark Fox Pokémon
Illusory Fox Pokémon
? (Mantis-like)
Desert Crocodile Pokémon
Grass Snake Pokémon
Black Yin Pokémon
Bat Pokémon
Mole Pokémon
Lookout Pokémon
Baby Pigeon Pokémon
Celestial Body Pokémon
Fire Pig Pokémon
Blaze Pokémon
White Yang Pokémon
Gear Pokémon
Chinchilla Pokémon

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