Revealed Generation V Pokémon

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Can you name the revealed 5th Generation Pokemon?

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Dream Eater Pokémon
Electrification Pokémon
Bat Pokémon
Grass Snake Pokémon
Baby Pigeon Pokémon
Tusk Pokémon
Celestial Body Pokémon
White Yang Pokémon
Mole Pokémon
Black Yin Pokémon
? (Mantis-like)
Amplification Pokémon
Chinchilla Pokémon
Desert Crocodile Pokémon
Dark Fox Pokémon
Sea Otter Pokémon
Trance Pokémon
Baby Mole Pokémon
Blaze Pokémon
Valor Pokémon
Gear Pokémon
Fire Pig Pokémon
? (Looks like an Egyptian sarcophagus)
Lookout Pokémon
Illusory Fox Pokémon

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