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Can you name the These notable women who appear in Greek Mythology?

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She was sacrificed by her father to Artemis for her favor
She declared that she was better mother than Leto and was killed by her children; Artemis and Apollo
Seduced Poseidon and was cursed by Athena into a creature with snakes for hair
Loyal wife of a Greek King who did not re-marry during his twelve year dissapearance after the Trojan War
Mistress and war prize of Achilles, and daughter of a Priest of Apollo
The vengeful wife of a Greek King who killed him in revenge for the death of her daughter
Former lover of a man she helped escaped from a Labyrinth and became the wife of a God
Was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster and saved by the hero who killed a Gorgon
Know ForName
Was the mistress of Zeus and mother to the twin Gods of the sky
Deemed the most beautiful in the world and was kidnapped by a Prince of Troy
Was the first woman according to Greek Legend and had too much curiosity
This prideful woman was turned into a spider by Athena for her boasting
Was mother to a cursed boy who she unknowningly married and had children with
Mortal mother too the god of wine
Was cursed by Apollo with the gift of clairvoyance and that none would believe her

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