the wars of desperate housewives

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Can you name the the wars of desperate housewives?

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War between...Subject of fight (one words/few words)extra
Edie vs. Susan and Karl (end of season 2)
Gaby vs. Lynette (season 6: 6.8 --> 6.10)
Lynette vs. Rick Coletti (end of season 3)
Gaby vs. Edie (season 4: 4.09 (tornado))
Lynette vs Bree (season 2: 2.15)use the word 'while' / don't use names/she
Bree vs. Rex (season 2: rex's post death)use 'he' and 'she'
Lynette vs. Gaby (season 2: 2.11)
Katherine vs. Adam (season 4: post-tornado)use 'he' and 'she'/'her'
Ellie vs. Lee (end of season 4)
War between...Subject of fight (one words/few words)extra
Mrs. Huber vs. Susan (season 1)don't use names/she/her
Mike vs. Katherine (6.09)
Mike vs. Paul (season 1 finale)
Bree vs. Betty (mid season 2)main point, use 'each other'
Danielle vs. Bree (season 5: 5.3)start with: bree...
Lynette vs. Warren Shilling (season 5)use 'he' and 'she'/'her'
Susan vs. Orson (season 4)start with: he...
Lynette vs. Maisy (start season 1)use name(s)
Susan vs. Lonny Moon (season 2)

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