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Character DescriptionCharacter
Red-head new mother
Was from OVER THERE and lives here
Was not met OVER THERE
A 'looker' for Fringe Division
FBI Lab Assistant
Died over Here from illness
One of Olivia's family members alive OVER Here
Scarred and infested with arachnids
Dies OVER THERE in a car crash
Was from OVER HERE and lived over there
Character DescriptionCharacter
One of Olivia's family members alive OVER THERE
Was institutionalized
Killed by a shapeshifter
Olivia's original lover OVER THERE
Olivia's original lover OVER HERE
Loves Fauxlivia and helped birth her son
Married, with kids, and killed to bring Olivia home
Blonde-haired FBI Agent
A Scientist-now-Secretary of Defense

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