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Can you name the alternate choices proposed on what to name Canada?

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It will help if you've ever played the video game 'Fable'
Sounds like a place that would have a lot of triangles
A northern version of answer 1
Think the opposite of Australia
Named after a famous explorer of the Maritimes
What else would you call the colonies?
An acronym for the most present ethnicities of Canada at the time
What Montréal was known by in the 1500s
Think of the university in Greater Sudbury
The cradle of North America
Canadians would be known as Norishmen if this name stuck
A great lake
Think the opposite of the United STATES of America
A very common voyage when the New World was being explored
What Canada would be called if it was founded by bears...Latin bears
Evening Mass
What Queen Victoria would call her theme park

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