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Controversy(1981); Around The World In A Day(1985); Sign 'O' The Times(1987)
Remain In Light(1980); Speaking In Tongues(1983); Little Creatures(1985)
Boy(1980); War(1983); The Joshua Tree(1987)
Murmur(1983); Fables Of The Reconstruction(1985); Green(1988)
Shout At The Devil(1983); Theater Of Pain(1985); Dr. Feelgood(1989)
Trust(1981); Imperial Bedroom(1982); Blood & Chocolate(1986)
Beauty And The Beat(1981); Vacation(1982); Talk Show(1984)
Tug Of War(1982); Pipes Of Peace(1983); Flowers In The Dirt(1989)
The Swing(1984); Listen Like Thieves(1985); Kick(1987)
Zen Arcade(1984); New Day Rising(1985); Warehouse: Songs And Stories(1987)
The River(1980); Nebraska(1982); Tunnel Of Love(1987)
EVOL(1986); Sister(1987); Daydream Nation(1988)
Permanent Waves(1980); Moving Pictures(1981); A Show Of Hands(1989)
True Blue(1986); Who's That Girl(1987); Like A Prayer(1989)
Hard Promises(1981); Southern Accents(1985); Full Moon Fever(1989)
Hootenanny(1983); Tim(1985); Pleased To Meet Me(1987)
Meat Is Murder(1985); The Queen Is Dead(1986); Strangeways, Here We Come(1987)
Zenyatta Mondatta(1980); Ghost In The Machine(1981); Synchronicity(1983)
Fair Warning(1981); Diver Down(1982); OU812(1988)
Wild Gift(1981); More Fun In The New World(1983); See How We Are(1987)

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