Spider-Man Villains by Secret Identity

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Can you name the Spider-Man villains by their secret identity?

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Secret IdentityVillain
Norman Osborn
Otto Octavius
Eddie Brock
Max Dillon
William Baker
Curtis Conners
Aleksei Sytsevich
Harry Osborn
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Adrian Toomes
Wilson Fisk
Cletus Kasady
Alan Fagan
Miles Warren
Malcolm McBride
Secret IdentityVillain
Roderick Kingsley
MacDonald Gargan
Lonnie Lincoln
Sergei Kravinoff
Abner Jenkins
Jason Philip Macendale Jr.
Quentin Beck
Jason Macendale
Phineas Mason
Herman Schultz
Frances Barrison
Carolyn Trainer
Phil Urich
Carlos LaMuerto
Peter Petruski

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