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'In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights and cups of _____.'
'Let's open up a ______ in Santa Fe.'
'Who do you think you are? Barging in on me and my _____?'
'When you're living in America at the end of the ______'
'We're not gonna pay last year's ______'
'The only thing to do is jump over the _____!'
'I should ____ you I'm disaster, I forget how to begin it.'
'Mark, are you there? Are you screening your calls? It's _____.'
'Will I lose my _____? Will someone care?'
'When I get a _____ from the doorman, do you know how lucky you'll be?'
'No day but ______'
Take me for what I am, who I was _____ to be'
'So that's 5 miso soup, 4 seaweed salad, 3 soy ______...'
'Would you light my _____?'
'Has she ever pouted he lips and called you ____?'

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