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Can you name who owned Krillin in Dragonball Z Abridged?

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Owned CountWho Owned himHow he was owned
1B**** slapped through a house
2Told to shut up
3Knocked off the Lookout
4Dragged down ahole and traumatically beaten up
5-7Knocked to the ground three times while using the multi-form technique
8Ki Blast
9Knocked into a cliff
10B**** slapped again
11Ignored his 'washed up' joke
12*Character Name* Kick!
Owned CountWho Owned himHow he was owned
13Seizure Procedure
14B**** Slapped yet again, again.
15-25Impaled,.. a lot
26Broken Neck
27Thrown up on
28Killed with an explosion
29Caught committing a lot of fraud
30Thrown into a mountain then kneed in the stomch
31Door slammed into his face.

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