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Infected leader
Military leader
Blackwatch leader
Protagonist's sister
Final boss
Ability gained consuming a hunter
Performs the 'street sweeper'
Gas that harms infected
Protagonist's former girlfriend
Gentek director of research
Caused the central blue zone's collapse
Enhances strength of objects thrown
Decreases damage at the cost of gliding
Name of the strain of the virus released at Penn Station
Kidnaps protagonist's sister
Accuse someone of being you while in military disguise
First devastator used
Single-target devastator
Doctor that cures the injection
Tank used to destroy armoured hives
Military codename for hydra
What are hunters incubated in
When trying to escape, how many times does Taggart dig-in with other tanks
How does the Blackwatch leader die
Name of the nuclear bomb
Name of location of first outbreak
Military codename for infected leader's child
Name of the aircraft carrier
Location of battle with infected leader

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