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A Soft Night's Day
Col. Salt's Popular Brains Arena One
Without a Lot of Antagonism from my Enemies
Spread Apart
There Goes The Moon
There, Here and Nowhere
Walk From My Death
Blue Airplane
You Aren't A Carpenter
From Some One
He Hates Me
Somewhere Woman
The Ending Tale of Office Ted
One of You
The Day After
You Shouldn't Have Misunderstood Worse
Squid's Dump
Boring Tangible Stay
From Me Yellow
Bad Night Moondim
Luke Under The Ground Without Squares
Out Your Death
Stay and Whisper
Big Adult
Short, Short, Short
You Need Me (He's So Light)
My Father Shouldn't Misunderstand
You Want Me
Maxima's Golden Nail
Please Me Boy
You'll Lead The Moon
Vinegar Do
My Yellows
Dollar Road
The Genius In The Valley
Silver Awakenings
Geriatric I'm A Poor Woman
Balanced Mister Lester
Some Apart Later
Yesterday Always Wonders
Stone Apple
Goodbye Hello
You Missed Him Moving Here
Do Ignore You
The Start
You're Mostly Awakening
Hardcover Reader
Hateful Rico
A Night Of The Death
Hate You Undo
Mrs. Sundark
Bad Day
Park Your Bike
I Can Undo This
Build A Horse
You Needa Be My Woman
The Short And Straightedged Path
I Will Miss You
Frigid Sammy
Some You Want Is Hate
For You From Me
You Won't
Some Your Hating
Can Sell You Hate
Moon Queen
Tame Vinegar Cake
You're A Winner
When You Rose
You Need To Release My Foot
Small Short Sal
Speed Up
Night Balancer
A Gulp Of Vinegar
Nurse Roberta
Without Me Within Me
He's A Man
Bad Night Bad Night
That Girl
Angel In His Brain
The Outer Dark
You're Up
If You're 46
You You Yours
Geriatric's In White
Sadness Is A Cold Sword
You're So Refreshed
Father Science's Daughter

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