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Narcissistic Leader of the Group; former lawyer
'Mom' of the group
Socially Inept Pop Culture Lover
Former High School Quarterback aka T-Bone
Straight-laced former pill Addict
Former High School drop out; 'Buzzkill'
Elderly Man divorced 7 times
One time Spanish Teacher aka El Tigre Chino
British Psychology Professor
Dean of Greendale
Statistics Professor; Dates leader of the study group
Accounting Professor; Teaches students to 'Seize the Day'
Exclusively known for his facial hair
Anthropologist; Shoots student with blow-gun
Very old student; Loves his macaroni
Resident Greendale Hippy; Small Nipples
Pottery student and doctor
Loves D&D; known for his weight
Polish exchange Student
Greendale's Mascot
Troy's pet monkey
Nerdy Student with large glasses; normally out of breath
Excellent Debater from City College
Groundskeeper of GCC; Hides Trampoline
What time, day, and channel does Community come on?

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