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Can you name the obscure Harry Potter facts/characters?

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Easy One: Harry's middle name?
Bellatrix's sisters?
Ron's Patronus?
How long was Voldemort's wand (original)?
Name the third Horcrux destroyed
What is the spell to summon the Dark Mark
What colour is the Durmstrang uniform?
What is Dean Thomas most afraid of?
Whose mother got rich by marrying lots of rich wizards and then [allegedly] killing them?
Who is the first wizard (other than his parents and Voldemort) Harry Potter remembers meeting?
What did Sirius buy Harry for his first birthday?
Who wants to import flying carpets?
What grade did Harry get in OWL History of Magic?
Who is Harry's first crush?
Which dragon does Fleur Delacour face?
How many prefects were there in the Weasley household?
What does Dumbledore see in the Mirror of Erised
Who succeeds Professor Sprout?
Name Ron and Hermione's children
What is the only word Lugo Bagman knows in Gobbledegook?

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