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Easy (answer: easy)Type: 'easy'
Name is based off of the Yiddish for 'crazy''meshugganah'
Kirk Hammet was in this Shovel-headed band before MetallicaBay Area thrash
Not 'The Who,' but this Swedish band talks about a Pinball map'When you least expect it-- cloud connected!'
Ressurected (Southern groove) metal in the 90'sThey practically 'reinvented' metal
Named for a torture device, but their music is anything butNWOBHM
Medium (answer: medium)Type: 'medium'
More than meets the eyeBay Area thrash
The Polish black/death metal bandTheir metal is ov the highest quality
An incredibly heavy French band with an environmental eyeNamed for a Japanese monster
Georgia stoner/prog metalNamed for a giant beast
Long-running NY band led by Scott IanYou'll get Caught in a Mosh
Hard (answer: hard)Type: 'hard'
Chuck Schuldiner = father of modern Death metalThe answer is hidden in Crystal Mountain
These haunted ghouls pioneeredFlorida death metalErik Rutan was in this band
IowaRIP Paul Gray
18-minute guitar solos + slaying dragons + keyboard+ Mike Portnoy
Insane (answer: insane)Type: 'insane'
The most negative band in the United StatesWhat the f*ck is Christian hardcore?
Turkish tech-death led by the prodigy Muhammad A strong fixation on obscure anatomy
The most 'djenty' band out thereMischa 'Bulb' Mansoor
Drummer Tom Lombardo practically invented the double bass techniqueNo hint. You should know this.
Sumeriancore band with Egyptian bentCurse you Ahkenaten!!
Modern mainstream metal featuring Mike Portnoy temporarilyRIP The Rev
Self-described rocky-mountain-hydro-grindMislead by certainty? Certainly.

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