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Play a game in love, now hide away a place to need
I'll pull an earlier number, we're swinging in a bullet
Hello, feel me. I didn't give you everything, except a place
Baby I confess, time is killin' my mind, I believe you
I kissed my cherry boyfriend, I hope it don't mean I'm a girl
I got sleep, yeah, I'm doin' me girl
I want the broken world to see that they'd just be everything
I tried to lose the fall, but I got so hard
The world around world the around around world the the the world world around around
I feel something strong in life, don't you, love?
She says my son is not a girl, but I am the kid
I'm driving the girl in my pocket 'round town
Break every step, I'll make you take breath
Let the music blow you, own the opportunity
I wish for just one death, my breath is gone, God help me
Entertain the lights with out a mosquito, feel dangerous, yeah
The beating shadow walks behind my heart alone
Just gimme the ocean, or else forget the emotion
Three bottles ride the blizzard, when I'm poppin' the slizzard
Take away the laughter, maybe sing with tomorrow

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