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APewds is most famous for playing this horror game
BWhat Pewdie calls his subscribers/viewers
CPewdie's girlfriend's name on YouTube
DPewds frequently claims to be this animal
EPewdie's newest pug
FPewDiePie's real first name
GCharacter from Facade that is married to Trip
HPewds is well-known for playing this gaming genre
IPewdie's favorite character from Happy Wheels
JA rock that is in love with Pewdie
KPewds donated to WWF after winning this title in 2012
LCharacter that Pewdie plays as in The Walking Dead
MPewDiePie's female pug
NPewdie plays an Amnesia custom story called Dark Room that features memes such as Pedo Bear and ____
OAn octopus that poses as a human with his own human family
PAmnesia character; 'I'm pumped!'
Q'DON'T ____ ME, BOY'
RCharacter from Happy Wheels; 'I love you ____!' 'My name is not ____!'
SGolden statue from Amnesia
TCreepy cat from an app that was supposedly banned from kids
URage game that Pewdie plays; one video was titled 'SANITY BROKEN'
VWhat Pewdie calls the segway from Happy Wheels
WIn 2013, Pewds starting raising money for Charity: ____
YPewdie's terrier that once reacted to him playing Just Dance 3
ZMain enemies from The Walking Dead

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