Notes from A: Wicked

Random Literature or Young Adult Quiz

Can you name the liar who received each message from A?

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Artists like ménages á trois/Mommy just might too./But if you ferme la bouche about me/I'll do the same for you. —A
Hi, ____! Doesn't the Bible say good Christian boys shouldn't kiss girls like you? So WWAD—What Would A Do? I won't confess your sins if you don't confess mine. XX, A
I thought we were friends, ____. I send you a sweet little note, and you call the cops . . . . What do I have to do to keep you girls quiet? Actually, don't tempt me! —A
____—A glutton for Cheez-Its . . . and punishment, too, it seems. Ruin her before she ruins you. —A
Gotcha! —A

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