Notes from A: Unbelievable

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Can you name the liar who received each message from A?

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Sucks to be in the dark, huh? Imagine how the blind must feel! If you tell ANYONE what I did, I'll put you in the dark for good. Mwah! —A
AAAAAA: Helpful hint to the not-so-wise: You're not fooling anyone. The judges can see you're faker than a knockoff Vuitton.
Tsk tsk, ____! Does your girlfriend know about your weakness for blondes? I'll keep your secret . . . if you keep mine. Kisses! —A
Better watch your back . . . or you'll be a dead bitch too. —A
____: There's a girl waiting for you in the hot tub. Enjoy! —A
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the naughtiest of them all? You told. So you're next. —A
Tell and die. —A

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