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Can you name the songs on Avril Lavigne's self-titled album by their lyrics?

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I never knew I needed you/Like a sad song needs a sea of lighters
Throwing empty bottles in the fire/Whiskey's got us singing like a choir
I don't care about my makeup/I like it better with my jeans all ripped up
One night/You won't forget the rest of your life/So come on over to the wild side
Hey/What a beautiful day/All I need is a taste
I wanted to keep you/Forever next to me/You know that I still do
Go hard this weekend/For no damn reason/I don't think we'll ever change
When you turn off the lights/I get stars in my eyes
Mom's not home tonight/So we can roll around/Have a pillow fight
I've seen your best side/You got to see my worst
We were running red lights/We were going all night/Didn't care about anything
Hold on tight/To this roller coaster ride/And if you're loving this/Just give me one more kiss
Love that once hung on the wall/Used to mean something/But now it means nothing

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