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I think I like that you seem sincere/I think I'd like to get to know you a little bit more
All the pain I thought I knew/All the thoughts lead back to you
You've got your dumb friends/I know what they say/They tell you I'm difficult/But so are they
There's not much going on today/I'm really bored, it's getting late
What's wrong, what's wrong now?/Too many, too many problems
Give me what I want/Everything I don't got/So give me what I want/'Cause I'm a big shot
I've had my wake up/Won't you wake up?/I keep asking why
When I turn the lights out/When I close my eyes/Reality overcomes me/I'm living a lie
Did I not tell you/That I'm not like that girl?/The one who throws it all away
I am small and the world is big/All around me is fast moving
Don't know how much you screwed it up/You never listen/That's just too bad
I looked away/Then I looked back at you/You try to say/The things that you can't undo
I'm gonna live my life/I can't ever run and hide/I won't compromise/'Cause I'll never know

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