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When you walk away/I count the steps that you take
I do not think that I can wait/To go over and to talk to you
Where are the hopes?/Where are the dreams?/My Cinderella story scene?
Hey, hey/You, you/I know that you like me
I will drink as much limoncello as I can/And I'll do it again and again
There's nothing you could say/Nothing you could do/There's no other way when it comes to the truth
'I wish you were her'/You left out the 'E'/You left without me
I need you now/And I'll hold on to it/Don't you let it pass you by
You're so fabulous/You're so good to me/Baby, baby
I just wanna fall and lose myself/Laughing so hard it hurts like hell
I see that look in your eyes/It tells a million lies
Anything I wanna do/Anything I'm gonna do/Anything I wanna do I do

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