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A man is bitten and dragged underwater by an alligator.1951
Giant ants attack the crew of a ship at sea.1954
A horseman is shot in the face.1969
A stormtrooper falls into a chasm.1977
A rebel soldier screams when his laser gun dish is hit and explodes.1980
A German soldier falls out the back of a truck.1981
A victim is slashed by a lightsaber and falls into a Sarlac pit.1983
A food cart in a club crashes into an orchestra stand.1984
A character knocks a duck hunter out of his boat and shouts 'Banzai!'1986
A character uses a section of tubes to bounce several laser bolts back at guards.1987
Soldiers crash their cart after chasing the heroes.1988
A Nazi's grenade explodes, throwing a solider down a hill.1989
A victim covered with little monsters falls off a ledge.1990
The main character punches a clown and throws him out of his way.1992
Villagers flee in terror as a genie lifts a palace into the air.1992
A character pushes someone out of his way while running down the sidewalk.1992
The main character's car strikes a construction scaffold.1995
A character is knocked out a bedroom window.1995
The main character, while driving, almost hits a mime - before confessing that 'maybe' he was aiming for him.1995
A character plunges to his death from a collapsed bridge as it's carried away by mud and lava.1996
A character tosses two aliens out of a hotel room.1997
A gunshot turns a terrorist's flamethrower into a jetpack, he flies towards a gas truck - which explodes upon impact.1998
When the action figures are 'killed' throughout the film, a Wilhelm can usually be heard.1998
Two security officers, one after the other, are hit in the chest during a blaster battle.1999
An American jet screams over a Russian ship and the deck crew all react and duck.2000
A character stabs a human using the sharp point of his helmet.2001
Someone screams when part of a theater's neon sign explodes.2001
A character is hit by a bus.2002
A ship explodes when it arrives at a planet at the beginning of the film.2002
An Elvish warrior falls off a wall and screams.2002
A guard falls off a balcony and through a glass ceiling.2003
A pirate is shot and plummets into the ocean.2003
Heard during the battle between the Royal Navy and a pirate crew.2003
Heard during a motorcycle chase.2003
A character is knocked off a cheetah.2004
Giant robots attack New York City. 2004
A Nazi scientist is sucked into a portal.2004
A character is thrown incredibly far into a car window.2004
A character throws a police officer out of a stolen cop car.2005
A guard is shot and falls off a stone wall in a courtyard gun battle.2005
A sailor is knocked off a cliff during a brontosaur stampede.2005
As a laser cannon is destroyed a trooper is sent flying from the explosion.2005
A mutant hanging underneath scaffolding pulls a dart out of his neck and becomes human, falling to his death.2006
Two men try to get into a car, one gets pulled down by a sheep and screams.2006
A man gets thrown into a swimming pool.2007
A car runs over a character's face.2007
A character kicks a robot's decapitated head.2007
An old man on a scooter crashes into a car.2007
A man is thrown off a metal roof by vampire.2007
A dessert blows up in a character's face at a wedding reception.2008
A boy with a stack of books in a library is crashed into by a bike.2008
A metal door crashes on top of multiple soldiers.2008
A rhino is thrown into the air and kicked through a door.2008
Several dogs fall off a cliff into a river.2009
A bad guy is skewered during a fight on a bridge.2009
A character kicks a punching bag, causing a karate teacher to go flying.2010
A character drives his car off a cliff.2011

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