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This country is known for pirates
The least densely country in the world
The capital of this country is Tarawa
Won the EURO CUP in 1992
The country downunder
The biggest lake in this country is Lubãns
This country invented McDonald's
The capital of this country is Nuku'alofa
Transsylvania is in this country
This country has been the biggest Belgian colony in Africa
This country has the most northern capital city
This country says that they have invented French Fries (not France)
World's tallest building stands here
This country is the newest country of Africa
Second biggest country in the world (by population)
This country is not allowed to use its own flag at the Olympics, because of China
This country contains more than 13.000 islands: ex. Bali
The former capital of this country is Yangon
This country is completely inside South Africa
Rihanna is born here
The most famous canal is in this country
Winter Olympics 2014 were held in this country
You would love to find a leprechaun in this country
Also known as a movie trilogy from Dreamworks
The FIFA World Cup 2010 has been held here
The only country of South America where weed is legalized
'The trololo guy' was born in this (modern) country
The most of this country is inside the Bermuda Triangle
The country between Benin and Ghana
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