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Can you answer these questions about the Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings Books?

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How many Nazgul are there?
From what language does the word Nazgul come?
What does Nazgul mean in the common speech?
They are also called B_____ R______
What color are the horses they ride?
These horses originally came from where?
What other creatures do they ride?
The Nazgul are enslaved to whose will?
In what Age of Middle Earth do they first appear?
What were they originally?
What did they desire above all else?
What is the Queyan word for Nazgul?
Nazgul are invisible, how did Frodo see them?
Besides a hood, what do they wear on their heads?
Who is the chief Nazgul (full name)?
What potent weapon does he carry?
What did Tolkien say was the Nazgul's greatest weapon?
They caused unconsciousness, nightmares and death. This effect was called the B_______ B__________
What did Aragorn use to treat the woulds inflicted by the weapon of the chief Nazgul?
Where did the Nazgul battle Aragorn and the four Hobbits?
How many Nazgul where at that attack?
Who used an enchanted Barrow blade against the chief Nazgul?
Eowyn was able to slay the chief Nazgul because she was a _______
EXTRA TOUGH-Tolkien names only two Nazgul, the chief, and this one also known as 'the black easterling'
EXTRA TOUGH-In the Book, Eowyn calls her Nazgul opponent a ___________
EXTRA TOUGH-What did the orcs at Cirith Ungol call the Nazgul because of their horrid cries?
The army of the Chief Nazgul leaves from what fortress that was once called Minas Ithil?
At what River did the Nazgul lose their horses?
Who attack the Nazgul at the Black Gate?
Where did the Nazgul finally die?

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