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Can you name the Name these People, Places and Things from the Lord of the Rings Movies that start with the letter 'A'?

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'Build me an ______ worthy of Mordor'
Immense statutes the Fellowship pass on the Great River
Elessar is the son of ___________
Another name for Weathertop
Boromir is killed here
The half-elven wife of King Elessar
Boromir was killed by three ___________
The horse that carries Frodo to Rivendell
Elessar is King of Gondor and _________
The Flame of the West
Gollum was played by______ ______
The Great River, the Fellowship left Lorien on it
The plant also known as Kingsfoil
The Witch King of ___________
Sam was played by Sean _________
Bilbo's book was entitled 'There and Back ____ ____ ___ ____
Also known as Strider
'You have my sword, and my bow and my____'
'A last ______ of Elves and Men marched against the armies of Mordor'
The horse ridden by Legolas and Gimli

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