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Where does Bilbo first meet Smaug?
Where on his body was the missing armor plate located?
Name anyone of the 4 other known dragons
What does Thorin Oakenshield want most from Smaug's treasure
Smaug laid waste to what city when he first captured the dwarf treasure?
What is the name of the town where Smaug was killed?
Gandalf chose Bilbo as the burglar because of something Smaug would not recognize about Bilbo, what was it?
Who eventually kills Smaug?
Who tells Smaug's killer the secret of the missing armor plate?
What does Bilbo call himself that makes Smaug suspect the people of Lake Town
Within three, how many years before the Fellowship of the Ring events begin was Smaug killed?
Smaug's full title is: Smaug the ________
What did he shoot into Smaug's weak spot?
Smaug knew everything in his hoard, what did he notice Bilbo had stolen?
When Smaug captured Erebor who was the King of the Dwaves?

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