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Dragon blood can be used as an oven cleaner.
Phoenix tears are the only known antidote to basilisk poison.
Hermione came up with the idea to escape Gringotts on a dragon.
Quidditch originated from a place called 'Queerditch Marsh.'
Remus Lupin is miserable at Potions.
Sirius Black is the only person to escape Azkaban before the mass breakout in the fifth book.
Hestia Jones is known to be the sister of Gwenog Jones.
Luna has two sons: Lorsan and Lycander.
Dementors are the only creatures a Patronus is effective against.
Cormac McLaggen is a year younger than Harry.
StatementT or FReal Answer if F and Source
A Diricawl is a magical creature that Muggles think is extinct.
Ginny Weasley is the first female Weasley born in generations.
You should contact the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office after discovering a hidden stash of flying carpets.
No beings other than wizards and witches have ever been sent to Azkaban.
You can only travel to Azkaban by broom and by Knight Bus.
Merlin was in Gryffindor.
Expelliarmus is the first and last spell Harry casted at Voldemort.
Lily Luna Potter has emerald green eyes.
Hufflepuff is the only House not known to have Dark Wizards.
The Fat Friar is the only named ghost whose cause of death is unknown.

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