Harry Potter Super-Names

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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by what their superhero and supervillain names would be?

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Alter EgoCharacterHero or Villain*
Antler ManHero
Blonde EnchantressHero
Blue EagleHero
Butterfly QueenHero
Cat of AthenaHero
Cosmic HareHero
Crimson LionHero
Dark HoundHero
Devil MaidenVillain
Flaming MareHero
Forsaken AgentHero
Green SnakeVillain
Jester DuoHero
Alter EgoCharacterHero or Villain*
Lightning MagicianHero
Major Magic MindHero
Moon FangHero
Pink PunkHero
Rabid WolfVillain
Red KnightHero
Rodent TricksterVillain
Silver SmugglerHero
Sinister SerpentVillain
Sword of ValourHero
Wise WizardHero
Yellow BadgerHero

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