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Famous stunts/tricks & InfoMagician
Escaping a coffin that blew up with him inside of it, cutting people in half, levitation, impalement; famous for his 'mind freaks'
Revamped street magic, some of his stunts include being frozen in a block of ice in Times Square & fasting suspended above the River Thames
This skeptic magician is famous for his many escapist stunts including an escape from a straitjacket suspended above NYC & his escape from the 'Chinese Water Torture Cell'
The youngest person inducted into the Society of American Magicians; some of his tricks include vanishing a Lear Jet, causing the Statue of Liberty to disappear and reappear, flyin
This famous skeptic duo consists of a mix of comedy and magic
The famous illusionist who used various optical illusions and close-up magic tricks including the 'linking pins'
This German duo is famous for their illusions sometimes involving animals
Famous for his large-scale illusions including moving Hawaii's Diamond Head & vanishing the space shuttle from the Kennedy Space Center
He is the founder of the Magic & Mystery School; also in 2005 he set the world records for: the most coin rolls in one minute (31), most consecutive multi-coin rolls with 8 coins (
He has a $27 million theater built specifically for him & he appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 10 times
He was popular through the 70's and 80's, some of his tricks included turning a volunteer into a big cat

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