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Literal Movie TitleTranslated Answer
The Out-of-College Person
Letter after D, Letter after S: The Additional Alien
The Communal Website
Person Who Saw the Crime
The Man Running From the Police
The Male of Water Falling From the Sky
Damaged Spine Rock Formation
Tiny Ms. Light From Sun
The Man From the Ghetto that has Millions of Dollars
Los Angeles Classified
The Spaceship with the Name Abbreviated for 'Argonaut'
The North Dakota Town Near Brainerd
Really Noisy and Unbelievably Near
The Maids
The Ruler's Communication
Opposite of Down
Cow Juice
Not a Region For Seniors
Literal Movie TitleTranslated Answer
The People Who Are No Longer Here
Really Big
Bold Organ That Pumps Blood
A Couple of Well-Mannered Males
The Deafening of the Sheep
Pretty Thing and the Monster
Nice Male People
Community of Poetry Writers That Are No Longer Living
Acre of Visions
The People Who Take Things of the Chest That Can't Be Found
Michael Richards from 'Seinfeld' Fighting Himself
The End of the World At This Moment
Gas Giant Fight
A Person Ascended Above the Bird's Home
The Paternal Lord
Medical Practitional Weird Affection Or The Way I Acquired the Information to Cease My Anxiety and Like the Thing That Goes 'Boom'
White House In Spanish
Swept Along With the Breeze

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