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A.K.AReal NameFirst use of alias
Bathilda Bagshot*Book 7
Stan Shunpike*Book 7
RapierBook 7
Vincent Crabbe*Book 2
ScabbersBook 1
Mad-EyeBook 4
Reg Cattermole*Book 7
Bellatrix Lestrange*Book 7
Penelope Clearwater*Book 7
RoyalBook 7
ProngsBook 3
MoonyBook 3
Nearly Headless NickBook 1
The Chosen OneBook 7
The Half-Blood PrinceBook 6
Heir of SlytherinBook 2
VoldemortBook 1
Albert Runcorn*Book 7
He who must not be namedBook 1
Wendell WilkinsBook 7
A.K.AReal NameFirst use of alias
Mafalda Hopkirk*Book 7
PigBook 4
PadfootBook 3
Monica WilkinsBook 7
The Boy Who LivedBook 1
WormtailBook 3
Barney WeasleyBook 7
RiverBook 7
Undesirable number oneBook 5
The GrimBook 3
Big DBook 5
Dragomir DespardBook 7
RodentBook 7
Mad-Eye*Book 4
Vernon DudleyBook 7
WitherwingsBook 6
Gregory Goyle*Book 2
RomulusBook 7
The only one he ever fearedBook 1
The Grey LadyBook 1

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