Memorable Quotes from Gladiator (2000)

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First Part of QuoteContinuationWho Says It: Number of Words Left
I don't pretend to be a man of the people. But I do try to...Senator Gracchus : 6
Today I saw a slave become...Lucilla : 7
I think you've been afraid...Maximus Decimus Meridius : 3
Death smiles at us all...Maximus Decimus Meridius : 8
At my signal...Maximus Decimus Meridius : 2
What we do in life...Maximus Decimus Meridius : 3
People should know when...Quintus : 3
He will bring them death...Senator Gracchus : 6
Strength and...Maximus Deimus Meridius : 1
And now we are free. I will see you again...Juba : 3
We who are about to die...Tigris : 2
First Part of QuoteContinuationWho Says It: Number of Words Left
Gladiators...Proximo : 3
He was a soldier of Rome...Lucilla : 2
Who will help me...Senator Gracchus : 2
We mortals are but...Proximo : 3
Am I not...Commodus : 1
You simply...Commodus : 2
The time for honoring yourself...Maximus Decimus Meridius : 6
It's a dream, a frightful dream...Commodus : 2
I didn't say I knew him, I said...Proximo : 7
[His last lines] Lucius...Maximus Decimus Meridius : 2

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