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LineMissing word(s)Author
Yes, the bump is acephalocystic,
But she shouldn't be going ---------.
The 'headless' refers
To the cyst's head, not ----.
Although maybe that's too ----------...Chuck Folkers
Ankylostomiasis cases
Come from working in tight, soily ------,
As hookworms infestin'
Mistake your ---------
For some kind of bloody ------.Graham Lester
There once was a luckless Peruvian
Whose jalopy was ------------
Girls thought the machine
Was a sight to be ----
LineMissing word(s)Author
But not to be seen at a ------ --.Jeff Russell
Church and state are like light in a prism:
Far more beautiful after the ------.
Some take issue with this,
And support --------
---------------------.Dan Seidman
The wheel is a famous invention,
But the axle, you'll note, by ---------,
Is the pivotal shaft
That turns wheels into -----
And really deserves equal -------.A. M. Warren

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