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State/YearsSenatorPolitical Party
DE- 1789-93None
DE- 1789-93None
PA- 1789-91None
PA- 1789-95None
NJ- 1789-90None
NJ- 1789-91None
GA- 1789-93None
GA- 1789-1801None/Federalist
CT- 1789-91None
CT- 1789-96None
MA- 1789-91None
MA- 1789-96None
MD- 1789=92None
MD- 1789-97None
SC- 1789-95None
SC- 1789-96None/Democratic-Republican
NH- 1789-93None
NH- 1789-1801None/Democratic-Republican
VA- 1789-90None
VA- 1789-92None
NY- 1789-91Federalist
NY- 1789-96Federalist
NC- 1789-93Federalist
NC- 1789-95Federalist/Democratic-Republican
RI- 1790-93None
RI- 1790-1803Federalist/Democratic-Republican
VT- 1791-95Democratic-Republican
VT- 1791-96Democratic-Republican
KY- 1792-95Democratic-Republican
KY- 1792-1805Democratic-Republican
TN- 1796-97Democratic-Republican
TN- 1796-97Democratic-Republican
OH- 1803-07Democratic-Republican
OH- 1803-08Democratic-Republican
State/YearsSenatorPolitical Party
LA- 1812-13Democratic-Republican
LA- 1812-13Democratic-Republican
IN- 1816-35Democratic-Republican
IN- 1816-31Democratic-Republican/National Republican
MS- 1817-20Democratic-Republican
MS- 1817-29Democratic-Republican
IL- 1818-24Democratic-Republican
IL- 1818-29Democratic-Republican
AL- 1819-22Democratic-Republican
AL- 1819-44Democratic-Republican
ME- 1820-27Democratic-Republican
ME- 1820-29Democratic-Republican
MO- 1821-31Democratic-Republican/National Republican
MO- 1821-51Democratic-Republican/Democratic
AR- 1836-44Democratic
AR- 1836-48Democratic
MI- 1837-39Democratic
MI- 1837-41Democratic
FL- 1845-49Democratic
FL- 1845-51Democratic
TX- 1846-57Democratic
TX- 1846-59Independent
IA- 1848-55Democratic
IA- 1848-59Democratic
WI- 1848-55Democratic
WI- 1848-57Democratic
CA- 1850-51Democratic
CA- 1850-55Democratic
MN- 1858-59Democratic
MN- 1858-63Democratic
OR- 1859Democratic
OR- 1859-61Democratic
KS- 1861-66Republican
KS- 1861-73Republican
State/YearsSenatorPolitical Party
WV- 1863-69Republican
WV- 1863-71Unionist/Republican
NV- 1864-73Republican
NV- 1864-75Republican
NE- 1867-71Republican
NE- 1867-75Republican
CO- 1876-79Republican
CO- 1876-82Republican
ND- 1889-91Republican
ND- 1889-93Republican
SD- 1889-91Republican
SD- 1889-1901Republican
MT- 1890-93Republican
MT- 1890-95Republican
WA- 1889-93Republican
WA- 1889-97Republican
ID- 1890-91Republican
ID- 1890-1901Republican
WY- 1890-93Republican
WY- 1890-95Republican
UT- 1896-97Republican
UT- 1896-99Republican
OK- 1907-1921Democratic
OK- 1907-25Democratic
NM- 1912-17Republican
NM- 1912-21Republican
AZ- 1912-21Democratic
AZ- 1912-41Democratic
AK- 1959-68Democratic
AK- 1959-69Democratic
HI- 1959-63Democratic
HI- 1959-77Republican

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