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Can you name the Metallica songs when given the opposites of their meanings??

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Opposite TitlesActual TitleAlbum
Around the AlwaysBlack Album
Increase To WhiteRide The Lightning
ContaminateSt. Anger
Collectable VillainsMaster of Puppets
Servant of ControllersMaster Of Puppets
The Start of the CircleDeath Magnetic
Worse Than MeReLoad
Everything Here InsignificantBlack Album
Happy and FalseBlack Album
The Devil That SucceededBlack Album
High Woman's InstrumentalReLoad
Stomping LifeRide The Lightning
Opposite TitlesActual TitleAlbum
Good PlantReLoad
Your Enemy of HappinessBlack Album
The Longest Cup...And Justice For All
Your CreationDeath Magnetic
The Intact Middle of Insanity...And Justice For All
Villain of the YearLoad
Whitened...And Justice For All
Crouch in the WaterKill 'Em All
Since It WakesLoad
Ignore & CreateKill 'Em All

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