Could You Be a Tennis Umpire?

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Can you decide what to do in each of the following scenarios?

When serving, the ball hits the net post and bounces in. Fault, let or fine?
Whilst match point up, a doubles player gets injured too badly to continue. His partner wants to continue alone, rather than throw away the match. What should you do?
Allow him to continue, as he's the disadvantaged one.
Refuse to allow him to continue without his partner.
Allow him to continue, but make the other team play with one player.
After the toss, and during the warm-up, it begins to rain. The player who won the toss now wants to change his decision. What should you do?
Keep the result of the toss, but allow the players to make new decisions.
Re-do the toss, with the previous winner allowed to call heads or tails.
Tell him that his earlier decision cannot be changed.
In a singles match, the server serves behind the baseline, but between the tramlines. Fault, footfault or fine?
Whilst returning a shot with a winner, momentum carries A past the net, but does not touch or cross any of the lines on B's side of the court. What happens next?
A loses the point
The point is replayed
A wins the point
Play is suspended. A player wishes to receive coaching during the suspension. Do you let him?
Yes, but only if both players and their coaches agree.
Yes, always.
After hitting a second serve, a second ball rolls onto the court before the serve has a chance to bounce. How do you let the point play?
Re-start the point from the first serve, regardless of the serve's bounce.
Call a service let regardless of the serve's bounce.
If the serve bounces out, call it a double fault. If the serve bounces in, play a service let.
B's shot is clearly going long, and is caught by A before the first bounce. What do you do?
Play a let, and remind A that even though the ball was clearly going out, you can't call it before it's bounced.
Give A the point, but gently remind him who the umpire is.
Give B the point, and try to resist calling A an arrogant sod.

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