It's Element-ary, My Dear Watson

Random Literature or elements Quiz

Can you name the literary titles with some one and two-letter element abbreviations removed?

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How to Play
__e _ou__ _f __e __s_er_ill__
__i_gs F__l A__rt
T_ K_ll a M_ck_ngb__d
__sin_ Roy__e
__a_e __w _orld
__e __tch__ __ __e R_e
G_l__v__'s Tra_el_
__e __g_ of _o_r
__e H_b__t
__e Da V__c_ __de
_f Mi__ a__ Me_
Go__ _i__ __e W__d
L_rd _f __e F__e_
__t__e _ome_
B__c_ __a_t_
__e G__at __ts_y
__ide a__ __ejudi__
__e __ll_w_hip _f __e Rin_
__e _i_tu__ _f D_r_a_ G__y
_r_me a__ __ni_hme_t
__ne__en E_g_t_-_o_r
_at__sh_p D_w_
W__ a__ _e__e
__e __t i_ __e H__

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