Formula 1 Tracks 1950-2011

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CountryTrack NameExtra Hints
ArgentinaLast used in 1998
AustraliaMika Hakkinen crashed here in 1995
AustrailaBeing used for 2012
AustriaOwned by Red Bull
AustriaMark Donohue died here
AustriaUsed in the sixties
BahrainBeing used for 2012
BelgiumGilles Villeneuve died here
BelgiumOnly ever used for the 1972 and 74 seasons
BelgiumBeing used for 2012
BrazilLast used in 1989
BrazilBeing used for 2012
BritainIs home to the Grand National horse race
BritainBeing used for 2012
Britain and EuropeHeld 12 British GPs between 1964 and 1986
Britain and EuropeAlmost held the British GP's 2010-2019
USA (Caesar's Palace)Only the 1981 and 82 Grand Prix's have been held here
CanadaBing used for 2012
CanadaIs in the Laurentian Mountains
CanadaThere are only 10 corners
ChinaBeing used for 2012
USA (Dallas)Was pretty awful - only lasted for 1984!
USA (Detroit)Held 5 Grand Prix's, from 1984 to 88
HollandHeld a Grand Prix every year but 3 from 1952 till 1985
EuropeIs in Spain, and is being used for 2012
FranceNear Le Mans...
FranceIs built arount the edge of an extinct volcano
FranceElio de Angelis died here
FranceWas the home of the last French Grand Prix
FranceLast raced at in 1966
FranceJo Schlesser died here
France and SwitzerlandAlso known as Mexican Hat
GermanyWas only held here 1959, because the next weekend, a driver died there
GermanyWas used for 2010, will be used for 2012, 2014, etc.
Germany, Europe and LuxembourgWas used for 2011, will be usde for 2013, 2015 etc.
HungaryBeing used for 2012
IndiaNew in 2011
Indianapolis 500 and USADo you need an extra hint?
ItalyBeing used for 2012
JapanIs another track that alternates between it and another
JapanBeing used for 2012
MalaysiaBeing used for 2012
MexicoIs named after the two brothers, Rodriguez, who both died there.
MonacoIs also known by the place that it is held in
MoroccoCould not continue due to the Suez Canal crisis
PacificIs in Japan
Pescara (Italy)Was the longest ever F1 track - 15.97 miles (25.7 km), and had a 4 mile (6.44 km) straight!
PortugalWas declared unsafe to use for modern cars in 1997
PortugalOnly two races were held, 1958 and 1960
PortugalStriling Moss won the only Grand Prix here
San Marino and ItalyRatzenberger and Senna died here
SingaporeIs currently the only F1 night race
South AfricaLast used in 1993
South AfricaHosted three events in East London, a British driver won each time
SpainBeing used for 2012
SpainLast used in 1981
SpainDespite being rated as one of the best circuits of all time, it only hosted four grand prixs
SpainLast used in 1954
Spain and EuropeSaw the closest race finish ever - Mansell just 0.014 seconds off Senna crossing the line
SwedenHeld the Swedish Grand Prix from 1973 to 78
SwitzerlandHosted the Swis Grand Prix from 1950 to 54 only stopping because racing authorities banned races on Swiss soil after the Le Mans crash
TurkeyWill not be used for 2012, despite being used in 2011
USAWill make its first appearance in 2012
USAHosted the US Grand Prix between 1989 and 91
USAWas only held here in 1960
USAWas only held here in 1959
USALast held here in 1980
USA WestLast held here in 1983

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