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MistakeMovieExplanation and year
A poster for a wrestling match mentions April 6, 1989, being a Saturday.It was a Thursday (2008)
Police chase UFOs through a tollbooth in central Indiana.The Indiana Toll Road is in the northern part of the state (1977)
Sparks from a loose battery cable cause a tow truck to explode.Diesel fuel does not ignite that easily (1991)
During a power outage in southwest Ohio, it is mentioned that neighboring Belmont County also lost power.Belmont County is in eastern Ohio (2011)
Color film passes through a red light while being developed.Color film is damaged by light (2002)
A cab driver says that his New Jersey zip code is 61045.Zip codes in New Jersey start with 07 or 08 (1976)
After being driven from Massachusetts, the odometer on a Jeep shows less than 250 miles when it is in New Mexico.It's a much longer drive (1997)
Mountains are show near a beach house on Lake Michigan.Lake Michigan has some hilly coasts, but nothing that big (2001)
1994 Nissans are on display in a mall in September of 1994.The 1995 models would be on display during that time (1994)
During a flashback to a prom in 1976, the song Barracuda is playing.The song was released as a single in 1977 (2010)

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