Fullmetal Alchemist Characters

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ALCHEMISTSThe Fullmetal Alchemist
 The Little Brother
 The Flame Alchemist
 The Strong Arm Alchemist
 The Iron Blood Alchemist
 The Crimson Alchemist
 The Sewing Life Alchemist
 The Crystal Alchemist
 The Ishballan
 The Master
 The Absentee Father
 The Elder Imposter
 The Younger Imposter
 (Ultimate Sheild)
 (Liquid Body)
 (Ultimate Eye)
SOLDIERSBrigadier General
 First Lieutenant
 Second Lietenant
 Second Lieutenant
 Warrent Officer
 Second Lieutenant
 Second Lieutenant
 --Rank Unknown--
 Major General
 First Lieutenant
OTHERThe Neighbor
 The Grandmother
 The Mother
 The Holy Mother
 The Con Man Preist
 The Alchemist's Daughter
 The Phantom Thief
 The Serial Killer
 The Gaurdian
 The Faithful Husband
 The Dutiful Helper

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