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World's Fastest Jet
World's Largest Passenger Jet
Most Popular Commercial Passenger Jet
Has A Hump
First Ever Passenger Jet
Supersonic Passenger Jet
The Above's Russian Counterpart
VTOL, But Subsonic
The Above's Supersonic Replacement
Elliptical Wings, Merlin Engine
Stealth Bomber, Has No Tailplane
Europe's New Fighter
WWII German Fighter, Cannon In The Nose
WWII German Jet Fighter
Britain's Cold War Nuclear Bomber
World's Largest Aeroplane
First Pressurised Bomber
Vietnam's Most Advanced Fighter Of The Vietnam War
The Above's American Opponent, Had No Gun
Japanese Fighter Of WWII
The 'Angel Of Death'
Delivers The 'Mother Of All Bombs'
Proved VTOL Was Possible
RAF Training Fighter, 'Part Of Red Arrows'
Hitler's Dream Stealth Fighter-Bomber, Never Made It To Combat

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