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Rapper or Rap GroupSongsLetter
'None Shall Pass' & 'Daylight'A
'Put It On' & 'Ebonics'B
'Go' & 'Universal Mind Control'C
'Kush' & 'The Next Episode'D
'Boys N' The Hood' & 'Gangster Gangster'E
'6 Million Ways To Die' & 'Ante Up'F
'Holla' & 'Ice Cream'G
'Sag My Pants' & 'Ill Mind Of (Name)'H
'Summer Vacation' & 'Check Yo Self'I
'Future Sound' & 'Quality Control'J
'Blow My High' & 'F*** Your Ethnicity'K
'Blueberry Yum Yum' & 'My Chick Bad'L
Rapper or Rap GroupSongsLetter
'H** Cakes' & 'Meat Grinder' M
'F*** tha Police' & 'Express Yourself'N
'Rosa Parks' & 'Ms. Jackson' O
'Rebel Without a Pause' & 'Fight The Power'P
'Ladies First' & 'Poetry Man'Q
'The Seed 2.0' & 'You Got Me'R
'On My Block' & 'Jesse James'S
'Can I Kick It?' & 'Bonita Applebum'T
'Method Man' & 'Gravel Pit' W
'Multiply' & 'Alkaholik'X
'Salt Shaker' & 'Wait'Y
'Driving Me Wild' & 'I Hate U B****' Z

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