U.S. Presidents: Facial Hair or No Facial Hair

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Can you name the presidents of the US that have facial hair and the president that don't*?

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President(F)acial Hair or (N)o Facial Hair
James Buchanan
William Harrison
Woodrow Wilson
Andrew Johnson
William McKinley
George W. Bush
James K. Polk
Gerald Ford
Franklin Pierce
Andrew Jackson
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln
Zachary Taylor
President(F)acial Hair or (N)o Facial Hair
John Tyler
Dwight Eisenhower
Rutherford B. Hayes
John Quincy Adams
Ulysses Grant
Theodore Roosevelt
Martin Van Buren
William Taft
James A. Garfield
Barack Obama
Chester A. Arthur
Richard Nixon
Grover Cleveland
Benjamin Harrison
James Madison

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