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What was the name of Roy's famous bat?
Believe it or not, Roy's famous number was not his first choice. Can you name the first number Roy requested?
Can you name the type of instrament case that Roy kept his bat in?
Durring practice, the coaches kill time by playing name that tune. Name one of the songs whistled.
What was the name of the teams batboy?
What was Roy Hobbs jersey number?
What was the name of the bat Roy hit the pennant-winning homerun with?
What actor played the main character Roy Hobbs?
How many years did it take Roy to get to the majors after being shot?
Name the mascot of the team Hobbs plays for.
Who wrote the music for the movie's theme song?
A team psychiatrist equates losing to a disease and lists 3 diseases, name one.
What symbol is on the patch which the team adorns before going on a winning streak?
What occupation did Coach Pop Fisher insist he should have been?
What was the name of the woman that shot Roy?
What is the asistant coaches nic-name?
Who gets control of the team if Pop Fisher doesn't win the pennant?
What was the name of the character played by Glen Close?
Who was the right fielder that Roy replaced?
What was the name of the blonde whom causes Roy to go into a slump?

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