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A written or graphic notice issued by architect, prior to the execution of the contract for construction during bid phase. This notice is a modification that clearifies some aspect
Contractural obligation by which one entity agrees to reimburse another for the loss or damage arising from specified liabilities. ie. 'Hold Harmless'
A type of surety obtained by the contractor. It is for the protection of the owner and is used to help ensure that the work will be completed in accordance with the construction do
A written promise or bond that guarentees performance of an obligation to another party
The idea that to contracted parties are protected by claims made by a third party. Architect is protected from claims against the contractor based on this concept.
Part of the project manual that contains the owner-contractor agreement, performance bonds, payment bonds and certificates of insurance
Total amount due to contractor for all work required by the contract documents
Additional conditions that modify the General Conditions for climatic, specfic legal or site conditions of a specfic project
a contract or bid amount, based on a definable measure such as square footage

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