Presidential Pets

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Can you name the U.S. President by the pets they kept while living in the White House?

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Pet NamesPresidentPet Varieties
King Tut, Big Ben, Sonnie (and four others)Dog
Peter Pan, Boston Beans, Calamity Jane (and twenty-five others)Dog, Cat, Bird, Raccoon, Donkey, Bobcat, Lion, Wallaby, Pigmy Hippo, Bear
Feller, MikeDog
Vicky, Pasha, King Timahoe (Had Checkers as VP)Dog
Lucky, RexDog
Millie, RangerDog
Bianco, Yuki, Beagle, Little Beagle, Him, HerDog
Socks, BuddyDog, Cat
Pet NamesPresidentPet Varieties
Grits, Misty Malarky Ying YangDog, Cat
Pauline WayneCow
Fala, President, Winks (and four others)Dog, Horse
Old IkeRam (also Sheep)
Barney, Spot, Miss Beazley, India, OfeliaDog, Cat, Longhorn
Laddie Boy, Old BoyDog, Bird
Bleistein, Sailor Boy, Eli Yale (and more than twenty-five others)Horse, Dog, Cat, Snake, Guinea Pig, Bird, Lion, Hyena, Wildcat, Coyote, Bear, Zebra, Lizard, Rat, Rooster, Raccoon
Liberty, ShanDog, Cat
Macaroni, Charlie, Tom Kitten (and seventeen others)Dog, Cat, Horse, Hamster, Bird, Rabbit

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