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Can you name the things about robert logans friends?

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Sam morse wears what hat every day?
Who did conor pick in fantasy football with the 1st overall pick in 2006?
What did shannon miss a week of school for in 7th grade?
Who is joey's favorite baseball player?
How many airsoft guns does kyle have right now? (spell it out)
How many times did paul lead conor into thorn bushes?
Dale is...
Will's favorite 2k9 team is?
Michael's favorite show?
What pastry did Seymour Slatkin offer joey?
What is shannon's dog's real name?
Who is robert slatkin's favorite actor?
Will's favorite rap group?
What is kyle's favorite movie?
Who did one of conor's favorite fottball players (LT) have brunch with?
Sam refused to give his mother...
Joey's band name is...
Paul beat dale in...
What text message did mo khalid send to shannon on his birthday?
This quiz was...

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